Direction of Production and Research 

In terms of masks,independently designed various of skin care products,includes face masks、eye masks、essences and creams.Among all of the products,crystal collagen masks are the third kind of masks based on traditional papery masks and non-woven masks,and also the pioneer of all the similar products in China.

In terms of ingredients,the R&D team combines the developed technology of medicine,biology and fine chemistry,continuously trying to extract effect biological extracts and mix them perfectly,produce the most effective and safe skin care production.

COBOR proceeds in creating new design,researching effective ingredients and improving technology to help people become more healthy and beautiful.


Advantage and Qualification

Besides unique crystal collagen masks technology and other innovative products,COBOR built compound sales structure which combined with affiliate sales and channel sales in Chinese cosmetics industry.The structure is based on Integrated Marketing(TV Direct、DM、Internet Sales)and combines with traditional sales,extremely expand the scope of market.

In addition,COBOR is the leader of Chinese crystal collagen masks,it has extensive reputation among similar products so it has a large amount of customers and keeps attracting more customers.

An old Chinese saying goes,”Favorable climatic,geographical and human condition”,a real successful company can’t lack the effort of the stuff.The R&D team and the managers of COBOR not only have professional ability and high sense of responsibility,but they also have the spirit to be better and better,all the employees make concerted efforts,fundamentally promote the progress of company.