The Explanation of The Brand Name and The Brand Concept

In 2002, the establishment of COBOR brought the production technology of "crystal collagen mask", a new skin care product.COBOR was established in 1994 in Zhuhai,an ecological coastal city in Guangdong Province.The first generation of founders incorporated the brand concept of "healthy longevity, youth forever" into product development as early as the beginning of the business, and committed to creating safe and effective anti-aging skin care products.

The number one expectation and target of COBOR is helping people become charming and radiant with safe, healthy and high effective skincare products.


The Course of The Development

1994:Zhuhai HEALTHLONG Bio-tech Limited Company was established.

2002:COBOR brand was established and the "crystal collagen mask",a new skin care product came out.

2003:HEALTHLONG Bio-tech Limited Company became the first enterprise obtain the GMP certification of Guangdong Province.

2005、2008:"Crystal collagen mask" obtained design patent and "flexible grid technology" obtained utility model patent.

2010:COBOR received the “Guangdong Famous Trademark” and other honors.

2012~2015:COBOR kept receiving various design and technology patents.

2017:COBOR obtained GMPC and ISO22716 certification.